MyGuardian CI - An affordable solution that can be customised according to your life stage and lifestyle


As we live longer lives, the risk of getting a critical illness is higher.

With MyGuardian CI, you have the flexibility to choose from various modules and optional benefits,

allowing you to protect yourself in the best possible manner.

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Key Features

Longer Coverage
Coverage up to the age of 75 years.

Tax Free Payout
Claim payments are tax free.

Tax Deductible Premiums
Premiums are tax deductible.

Plan Upgrades
Plans can be upgraded at renewal as
long as you have not made a claim.


Lump Sum Claim Payment
Majority of our benefits are paid on a lump sum basis. This makes the claims process easier and allows you to make a claim in addition to other insurance policies for the same benefit.

Renewal Bonus
Your principal policy sum insured for critical illness benefits increase by 10% annually for 5 consecutive years as long as you continue to renew your policy and have not made a claim.

Key Protection addressing the following concerns

Growing Concerns

- Major Critical Illnesses
- Funeral Expenses

Medical Expenses
- Daily Hospital Cash
- Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
- Surgical Cash
Cash Flow
- Bill Protection
- Financial Support
Post Recovery
- Recovery Assistance Services
- Home Nursing
- Home Alteration and Vehicle Modification
- Recovery Support - Housekeeping Services


(a) This product provides coverage in the event you are diagnosed with a Critical Illness.
(b) Coverage is provided 24 hours worldwide.
(c) You can select a Category to cover ‘Self’ (Policyholder), your Child or an Employee.
(d) This product has a range of 3 different core modules (i.e. Basic, Essential and Comprehensive) that are meant to correspond to an individual’s needs. You may also choose to include the optional module at additional premium.

This Policy provides coverage for the following core benefits:
1. Critical Illness;
2. Gender-Specific Cancer;
3. Non-Invasive Cancer (Carcinoma-In-Situ or Early-Stage Cancer);
4. Financial Support; and
5. Specified Outpatient Treatment (Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and Kidney dialysis)

With an additional premium, you may opt for the following optional Benefits to your Policy:

1. Daily Hospital Cash – up to 30 Days;
2. Daily Hospital Cash for Intensive Care Unit (ICU) – up to 7 Days;
3. Surgical Cash (up to 2 surgeries);
4. Recovery Assistance Services:

a) Physiotherapy (Per visit/ up to 12 visits)
b) Psychological Counselling (Per visit/ up to 12 visits)
c) Dietician/Nutritionist (Per visit/up to 12 visits)
d) Occupational Therapy (Per visit/up to 12 visits)
e) Speech Therapy (Per visit/up to 12 visits)
f) Smoking Cessation Program (Per month/ up to 6 months)

5. Home Nursing (up to 14 days);
6. Bill Protection;
7. Home Alteration and Vehicle Modification;
8. Recovery Support – Housekeeping Services (up to 14 days); and
9. Funeral Expenses.

Note: Please refer to the policy wordings for further details of the Benefits.

Duration of cover is for one year. You need to renew this Policy annually.

(a) The premium to be paid will vary depending on age band (you have to pay a higher premium as you reach a higher age band), gender, smoking status, and the core module and optional module (if selected).
(b) Premium is payable on an annual basis.
(c) Premium rates are not guaranteed. The Company reserves the right to revise the premium due to underwriting reasons.
(d) The new Premium amount payable will take effect from the next Premium Due Date immediately following the 30 days’ notice period provided by the Company to the Policyholder.

Commission paid to the insurance intermediaries/agent (Included in the premium) : 15% 
Stamp duty : RM10.00 per policy

(a) Duty of disclosure:

(i) You must take reasonable care to disclose all material facts which you know or ought to know which could impact your risk profile and ensure that all your answers to the questions are full, complete, correct, honest and to the best of your knowledge as this information form the basis of your contract.
(ii) You also have a duty to inform the Company of any change in the information given to the Company earlier before the Company issues the Policy to you, before you renew or change any of the terms of your Policy. If you don’t, your Policy may be cancelled, or treated as if it never existed, or your claim rejected or not paid in full.

(b) Eligibility:

i. Policyholder - Entry age for a Policyholder is 18 to 60 years of age (inclusive). Policy is renewable up to 75 years (inclusive).
ii. Employee - Entry age for an Employee is 18 to 60 years of age (inclusive). Policy is renewable up to 65 years (inclusive) or when the Insured Person ceases to be an Employee of the Policyholder, whichever is earlier.
iii. Child - Entry age for a Child is 15 days after birth up to 17 years of age (inclusive). Policy is renewable up to 17 years (inclusive).

Entry age and maximum age is determined based on Age at the Policy Effective Date.

Persons engaged in the following occupations are not covered under this Policy:
i. Asbestos Workers, miners, tunnellers;
ii. Police, armed forces, military personnel and/or similar peace-keeping groups;
iii. Semi – professional and professional sports or where a periodic income is received in relation to such sports.

(c) Cash Before Cover:
The Company must receive the premium due on or before the Premium Due Date. No Benefits will be payable for any claim that occurs during a period for which premium was not received.

(d) Country of residence:
You must notify the Company if you will be out of Malaysia for more than 180 consecutive days upon which the Company will determine at its sole discretion whether to continue or terminate coverage of the Policy. Failure to do so will invalidate this cover.

(e) Claims:

(a) The Company must be notified as soon as it is reasonably practical and in any event within 30 days after the date of event which could lead to a claim.
(b) The Company must be provided with all reasonable and necessary evidence required by the Company to support a claim within 90 days after the date of event which could lead to a claim.
(c) Failure to comply with the above may result in the rejection of all or part of the claim. Reasons include, but are not limited to, if it is made so long after the event that the Company is unable to investigate it fully or may result in the Insured Person not receiving the full amount claimed if the amount payable changes as a result of the delay.
(d) In the event the Insured Person is a Child, all dealings in relation to any claim will be between the Insured Person’s parent and the Company.

(f) Waiting period:
The Waiting Period applicable depends on the Critical Illness Diagnosed which is as specified in the Schedule of Benefits. The Waiting Period does not apply to Critical Illness caused by an Accident as defined.

(g) Overseas treatment:

(a) is only allowed if the travel overseas is not for the purpose of seeking medical treatment;
(b) is excluded for the following:
i. Non-emergency Hospitalisation or treatments i.e., where the treatment can reasonably be postponed until return to Malaysia; or
ii. Overseas Hospitalisation or treatments of a Critical Illness Diagnosed in Malaysia where treatment can reasonably be postponed until return to Malaysia.

(h) Free Look Period:
If this Policy does not meet your insurance requirements, you can return the Policy to the Company within 15 days from the date this Policy is delivered to you. You will receive a full premium refund as long as no claim has been made for that period.

(i) Contribution: If you are covered by any other policy, which covers the benefit in respect of ‘Home Alteration and Vehicle Modification’ Benefit, the Company will only reimburse the excess amount that is not recoverable by the other policies provided that the Benefit is payable by this Policy.

(j) Only one individual policy providing the same product underwritten by the Company is allowed. If more than one policy is held, the Company will consider the Insured Person to be insured under the policy with the highest Compensation or, where the Compensation under each policy is identical, under the policy that was first issued.

(k) Renewal:
This is an annual policy where the Policy may be renewed at the option of the Policyholder subject to the terms and conditions of the Policy and payment of the premium the Company requires for the renewal.

Where the Insured Person who is:

a) a Child ceases to be a Child; or
b) an Employee ceases to be an Employee of the Policyholder;
the Policyholder can no longer renew the Policy under the expiry Policy Category. However, the Insured Person has an option to renew theirPolicy by switching to an individual Policy under the ‘Self’ Category where they will become the Policyholder.

In the event the Company elects to not renew this Policy due to underwriting reasons, the Company will notify the Policyholder in writing at least 30 days before their next Anniversary Date.

(l) Renewal Bonus:
The Insured Person is eligible for a 10% increase of the Compensation for ‘Critical Illness’ Benefit on every Anniversary Date up to a maximum of 5 consecutive years if the Policy is continuously renewed without interruption and the Policy remains Claims Free throughout the Policy Period.

Refer to the terms and conditions under section ‘Renewal Bonus’ of this product in the policy wordings for further details on Renewal Bonus.

(m) It is important to note that in the event you wish to switch from one insurance plan to another, your application will be subject to evaluation based on the underwriting requirements of the new policy. The applicable Waiting Period(s) along with any applicable period for Pre-existing Condition(s) will apply afresh and any Renewal Bonus accumulated in your current Policy will be forfeited.

You can change the Plan of your Policy and add or remove optional module at the time of renewal only, provided that no claim has been paid under ‘Non-Invasive Cancer Benefit (Carcinoma-In-Situ Or Early-Stage Cancer)’ and you are below the age of 60 years.

The Company shall not pay under this policy any claim in connection with:
(a) Any Critical Illness, Gender-Specific Cancer and Non-Invasive Cancer which first manifested and was diagnosed within the Waiting Period as
specified in the Schedule of Benefits;
(b) When the Insured Person dies within 30 days of being Diagnosed with a Critical Illness, Gender-Specific Cancer or Non-Invasive Cancer. This is applicable for all Benefits under this Policy, except for the Benefit ‘Funeral Expenses’, if applicable;
(c) Pre-existing condition or any complication arising from it;
(d) Any sickness, illness or disease which is not specified as a Critical Illness, Gender-Specific Cancer or Non-Invasive Cancer in this Policy;
(e) When the Insured Person is diagnosed with a critical illness that is not covered under this Policy or they are Diagnosed with a Critical Illness,
Gender-Specific Cancer or Non-Invasive Cancer, but the Diagnosis does not meet our definition of Critical Illness, Gender-Specific Cancer or Non-Invasive Cancer;
(f) Any Critical Illness, Gender-Specific Cancer or Non-Invasive Cancer due to a self-inflicted injury, suicide or attempted suicide whether sane or
insane, deliberate or reckless exposure to danger;
(g) Any aerial activity except as a fare paying passenger in a commercial aircraft licensed to carry passengers;
(h) Any sexually transmitted diseases, ‘Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome’ (“AIDS”), AIDS-related complex or, any infection by ‘Human Immunodeficiency Virus’ (“HIV”) or any type of venereal disease. This exclusion does not apply to the Appendix A – Critical Illness Definitions,
‘HIV Infection Due to Blood Transfusion’ and ‘Occupationally Acquired Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infection’; and
(i) War, invasion, and rebellion.
Note: This list is non-exhaustive. Please refer to the policy wordings for the full list of exclusions under this Policy.

You can cancel this Policy by giving 30 Days’ prior written notice to the Company or via email at the address provided below, provided there is no claim made on the Policy. Such cancellation shall become effective on the date the notice is received or on the date specified in such notice, whichever is the earlier. Upon cancellation, you are entitled to a refund of premium based on the Short Period Scale. Please refer to the Policy for the Short Period Scale rates.

It is important that you inform the Company of any change in your life profile including your occupational and personal pursuits which would affect the risk profile.

Should you require additional information about medical and health insurance, please refer to the Insuranceinfo booklet on “Medical & Health Insurance” available at all Our branches.

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You should read and understand the contract terms and discuss further with the agent or the Company if there are any terms that you do not understand before accepting the policy contract. If there are any questions regarding the terms and conditions of this policy, Policyholder or Insured Person may contact the Company or the agent, whichever applicable.

You should satisfy yourself that this policy will best serve your needs.

By accepting the policy contract, you acknowledge that the key contract terms have been adequately explained by the agent or the Company to you and that the policy contract offered is suitable for your insurance needs.

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