AIG Medical and Health Insurance

Rising medical costs can be a burden when one is unprepared. With AIG, we are here to protect you with our comprehensive medical and critical illness coverage.

Discover a plan that protects you and your loved ones


MyGuardian CI

An affordable solution that can be customised according to your life stage and lifestyle.

With MyGuardian CI, you have the flexibility to choose from 3 plans:

Basic with Cancer coverage
Essential with 15 critical illness coverage including Cancer
Comprehensive with 38 critical illness coverage including Cancer

Additionally, you can opt for additional protection with an optional module to cover your growing concerns on health including cash flow with benefits covering medical expenses and post recovery treatments.


Medical Care

A personal and family health insurance plan in event of medical emergencies.

Hospitalisation due to an accident or illness may result in high medical expenses.

With Medical Care, ease the burden of these rising costs:

- Hospitalisation & Home Nursing
- Surgical Fee Coverage
- Local Ambulance Transfer
- Emergency Medical Evacuation