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The Netherlands is a beautiful country packed with historic brick filled and cobblestone cities, cool interconnected canals, vast and scenic farmlands, iconic windmills and pristine beaches. Although partying it up in Amsterdam is what most travellers have on their list, there is so much more this amazing country has to offer. As you spend time exploring the city and its outskirts, you’ll discover remarkable things such as blooming tulips, especially in springtime, and museums that have groundbreaking artistry from world leading artists like Vincent van Gogh and Rembrant van Rijn. There is nothing quite like summer excursions that will allow you to escape the city and enjoy seaside resorts scattered along the North Sea coast. Relax in Vlissingen by the lively ocean view where you can also stroll down beautiful boulevards, enjoy the vibrant nightlife and have fun with all sorts of watersport activities. For more child friendly fun, Het Arsenaal has awesome theme parks. Alternatively, if you want to see the country without crowds, then Utrecht is the place for you.

First things first, get yourself a Museumkaart (Museum Card) which is good for a month for non-residents. This card will grant you entry into 32 museums in Amsterdam and 400 museums throughout the Netherlands. Priced at 60 Euros, this card is a must if you are planning on visiting multiple cities. The best and cheapest form of transportation is with a good old bicycle. You can rent a bike for only a few euros a day or take a multi-day bike tour. Whether it’s self-guided or with a host, you can find many fantastic bike tours in the Netherlands. If you plan on walking, Dutch cities are small and easy to get around so that can be an option too. In the summertime, everyone spends time outside so be sure to check the local city boards for a list of free concerts, festivals, shows and markets. Another must do activity is taking a canal tour to explore the famous canals that the Dutch have created. It’s an essential part of life in the Netherlands that can only be understood when you spend time boating on the canals. Last but not least, make sure you try some poffertjes (fluffy mini-pancakes served with powdered sugar), patat (thick cut fries with topping) and stroopwafels (sweet Dutch waffles).

Why do I need Travel Insurance for Netherlands?

Travel insurance to Netherlands is extremely helpful in the event you encounter a burdensome scenario. Whether it’s a sudden flight delay, a detested luggage theft or an accident, AIG will be there for you every step of the way. You can trust AIG to ensure all your travel and health needs are taken care of. All you have to do is browse this insurance page for more information and acquire an instant quote. 

Buy Travel Insurance for Netherlands with AIG

Enjoy your exciting trip to Netherlands and let AIG take care of all your concerns. We offer a comprehensive insurance plan that will protect you throughout your journey. It takes minutes to get a quote online and make your purchase. For as low as RM45, you can be carefree while you travel and have fun. Don’t worry about any unforeseen circumstances, as AIG is ready to reimburse you for reasons applicable within our policy. Acquire our insurance and travel to Netherlands today, and have yourself a delightful Dutch holiday.

Our benefits include:

Comprehensive coverage

Besides overseas emergency medical expenses, medical evacuation costs and personal accident coverage, AIG will provide cover if you are forced to cancel or cut short your trip for reasons covered under our policy. Any flight departure delays, baggage delays, baggage damage or loss, personal items damage or loss due to theft or negligence by service providers, AIG will cover for you.

Medical & Personal Accident Cover

Depending on the plan and product purchased, AIG will cover up to unlimited medical expenses and up to RM 500,000 for personal accidents in Netherlands. Our travel assistance team is on call by phone 24/7 to assist you in any emergency situation, ensuring that you receive appropriate medical care in Netherlands.


Trip Cancellation Cover

AIG will reimburse you for non-refundable expenses incurred if your trip to Netherlands is cancelled due to specific events, within 60 days before your departure date.

Natural Disasters

If natural disasters occur in Netherlands such as earthquakes and floods, AIG will pay for expenses caused by these travel inconveniences.

Travel Inconvenience

If you experience travel inconveniences such as delays, loss or damage to your personal belongings, including your checked-in baggage, you will be covered by AIG.

AIG Global Assistance Service

Our 24-hour Emergency Assistance Team delivers fast and efficient aid if you are injured during an accident or if you are ill, requiring hospitalization in Netherlands.

Helplines during emergency in Netherlands

If you are insured with AIG when you travel in Netherlands, keep our 24/7 contact no. 603-27725600 with you at all times to process claims and medical emergencies.

Dial 112 for emergency help (police, fire and ambulance)

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