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Travel Insurance for Korea

Korea is absolutely breathtaking with its flowery spring landscapes, sandy beaches, pine-clad mountains, misty archipelagos, emerald green rice paddies and stunning historic sites. Its rich past, intact customs and unique traditions make it a joy for visitors to experience. Dive into Korea’s distinctive culture and savor Korean staples like delicious Kimchi, a traditional side dish made from salted and fermented vegetables and Dak-galbi (spicy stir-fried chicken).

In Korea, you can admire glorious views of incredible architecture like the Kwang-An Bridge (Diamond Bridge), a two-story bridge that connects Suyeong-gu and Haeundae-gu. Enjoy the spectacular night view of the bridge from afar with its state-of-the-art lighting system that showcases over 100,000 colors. Retreat to Uleung Island, nicknamed "Mysterious Island", a popular weekend holiday spot that has curious rock formations, shore cliffs and numerous waterfalls that adorn the island’s Seaside Road.

It can get quite cold in Korea so pack a good jacket to keep you warm. It is also advisable to check the weather before you travel so that you enjoy the best climate during your stay. Autumn (September to November) and spring (April to June) are thought to be the greatest times to visit as they offer warm, sunny days with clear blue skies. Korea also has excellent public transport systems, so feel free to hop on a bus or train and ride with the locals for a day. Koreans are extremely nice and helpful so don’t be surprised if you're standing in a crowded bus and a passenger offers to have you rest your bag on their lap.

Lastly, it’s good to learn Korean lingo. It always helps to know a little bit of the local language. Korean isn't exactly a language you can pick up overnight, so here are a couple phrases to get you started – Ye means Yes, A-nim-ni-da means No, Ahn-nyung-ha-seh-yo means Hello, and Gam-sah-ham-nee-da means Thank You.

Why do I need Travel Insurance for Korea?

Obtain a thorough travel insurance plan from AIG to keep all reservations and concerns at bay. Fly to Korea and back in good faith, with AIG as your trusted travel companion with its extensive protection over potential flight delays, lost or damaged baggage (caused by negligence of service providers) and more. AIG’s comprehensive plan will address a laundry list of unforeseen circumstances that could potentially take place while you’re travelling. In keeping with our consumers’ busy lives, we’ve made the steps needed to secure AIG’s insurance plan as simple as possible. Thus you can expect a quick quote and instant purchase in merely a few clicks on the site.

Buy Travel Insurance for Korea with AIG

Consider insurance plans that offer a wide spectrum of coverage for your trip to South Korea. From as low as RM30, AIG will protect your travel plans so you can rest assured that your trip will be hassle-free. It will take minutes to purchase your coverage online and if you need to cancel or cut your trip short for reasons that are covered by our policy, all costs will be reimbursed effortlessly. We want to take care of all of your travel concerns and assure you that we’ll be there for you 24/7 through any unforeseen circumstances. Enjoy your Korean getaway without any worries as we have got you covered.

Our benefits include:

Comprehensive coverage

Besides overseas emergency medical expenses, medical evacuation costs and personal accident coverage, AIG will provide cover if you are forced to cancel or cut short your trip for reasons covered under our policy. Any flight departure delays, baggage delays, baggage damage or loss, personal items damage or loss due to theft or negligence by service providers, AIG will cover for you.

Medical & Personal Accident Cover

Depending on the plan and product purchased, AIG will cover up to unlimited medical expenses and up to RM 500,000 for personal accidents in Korea. Our travel assistance team is on call by phone 24/7 to assist you in any emergency situation, ensuring that you receive appropriate medical care in Korea.

Trip Cancellation Cover

AIG will reimburse you for non-refundable expenses incurred if your trip to Korea is cancelled due to specific events, within 60 days before your departure date.

Natural Disasters

If natural disasters occur in Korea such as earthquakes, floods or typhoons, AIG will pay for expenses caused by these travel inconveniences.

Travel Inconvenience

If you experience travel inconveniences such as delays, loss or damage to your personal belongings, including your checked-in baggage, you will be covered by AIG.

AIG Global Assistance Service

Our 24-hour Emergency Assistance Team delivers fast and efficient aid if you are injured during an accident or if you are ill, requiring hospitalization in Korea.

Helplines during emergency in Korea

If you are insured with AIG when you travel in Korea, keep our 24/7 contact no. 603-27725600 with you at all times to process claims and medical emergencies.


Dial 112 for police and 119 for fire and ambulance.



Contact details for Embassy of Malaysia in Seoul, Korea:
Address :
129 Dokseodang-ro
( Hannam-dong)
Seoul, 04419
Republic of Korea
Phone: +82-2-2077 8600+8210 4658 8611 (emergency)
Fax: +82-2-794 5488/ 5480

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