Travel Insurance for Germany

Germany is synonymous with a plethora of things – awesome beer, delicious food, delectable sausages, lush greenery, majestic castles and so much more. It has a unique and distinctive set of cultural quirks and traditions, which make Germany an amazing country to visit. There is a vibrant, international art and music scene in Berlin, mystical forests in the west, and grand cathedrals and picturesque cities in the south. This history-filled region has so much to offer and you are certain to fall in love with it.

Be sure to take your time as there is a lot to see. Berlin is filled with world-class museums and quirky neighborhoods, and has some of the best nightlife in Europe. If you prefer something more tranquil, head to Berlin’s upscale quiet cousin, Munich. It is steeped in history with small quiet streets, great beer halls, a royal palace and beautiful parks. If you happen to be there during Oktoberfest, you are in for a treat! Get some giant pretzels, wear lederhosen, raise your glass and sing along (if you can) to German songs. Get your Schengen visa and go on epic adventures such as hiking in the Black Forest. Named after its beautifully dark green pine trees this forest is best seen in the fall, and there are hundreds of miles of hiking trails worth exploring.

In Germany, carrying cash is essential as cards have very little power. Things like Apple Pay won’t work because the locals still prefer using cash for just about everything. Germans are also big on recycling so be sure to look out for large recycling bins on the street sorted by color (green, brown and white) when you need to throw stuff out. Also, beer and plastic bottles can be returned for Pfand (a deposit paid when you initially purchase the drink) and it can range from 6 to 25 cents. You can find Pfand returns at grocery stores, usually near the cash register. Speaking a little German will help and it’s surprisingly easy to pick up. Just as we tend to pepper our sentences with ‘lah’, sprinkle some ‘na?’ in and it will be sure to spark conversations with the locals. Book trains early and save 40-50% off the normal fare or make the most of free tours when you want to go around the city. Along the way, be sure to stop at street vendors and buy some delicious bratwurst.

Why do I need Travel Insurance for Germany?

Bid auf wiedersehen (goodbye in German) to troublesome mishaps with AIG’s comprehensive travel insurance to Germany. No matter if it’s an abrupt flight delay or loss of luggage, put your trust in AIG to keep you protected every step of the way. Aside from your visa, you are going to need a comprehensive travel insurance that includes health coverage, as well as other types of protection.

Buy Travel Insurance for Germany with AIG

For as low as RM45, it goes without question that travel protection is vital. Our comprehensive coverage aims to give you peace of mind while you go on your German adventure. We are here to ‘Jaga’ you 24/7 and help you through any unforeseen circumstances. So worry no more as we will reimburse any sudden expenses that are covered within our policy. Get your travel insurance to Germany today and dance away in your fancy lederhosen!

Our benefits include:

Comprehensive coverage

Besides overseas emergency medical expenses, medical evacuation costs and personal accident coverage, AIG will provide cover if you are forced to cancel or cut short your trip for reasons covered under our policy. Any flight departure delays, baggage delays, baggage damage or loss, personal items damage or loss due to theft or negligence by service providers, AIG will cover for you.

Medical & Personal Accident Cover

Depending on the plan and product purchased, AIG will cover up to unlimited medical expenses and up to RM 500,000 for personal accidents in Germany. Our travel assistance team is on call by phone 24/7 to assist you in any emergency situation, ensuring that you receive appropriate medical care in Germany.

Trip Cancellation Cover

AIG will reimburse you for non-refundable expenses incurred if your trip to Germany is cancelled due to specific events, within 60 days before your departure date.

Natural Disasters

If natural disasters occur in Germany such as earthquakes, floods, heavy snow or hail storms, AIG will pay for expenses caused by these travel inconveniences.

Travel Inconvenience

If you experience travel inconveniences such as delays, loss or damage to your personal belongings, including your checked-in baggage, you will be covered by AIG.

AIG Global Assistance Service

Our 24-hour Emergency Assistance Team delivers fast and efficient aid if you are injured during an accident or if you are ill, requiring hospitalization in Germany.

Helplines during emergency in Germany

If you are insured with AIG when you travel in Germany, keep our 24/7 contact no. 603-27725600 with you at all times to process claims and medical emergencies.

Dial 110 for police and 113 for fire and ambulance.

Contact details for Embassy of Malaysia in Berlin, Germany:
Address :
Klingelhoefer Strasse 6,
10785 Berlin,
Federal Republic of Germany
Phone: +49(0)30885749-0+49(0)16093883622 (after working hours)
Fax: +49-(0)30-88 57 49 50/55

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