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Travel Insurance for Europe

Each season in Europe offers visitors a different ambience and experience, so it’s a popular destination choice for 365 days of the year. From Italy’s Colosseum and Vatican City, to France’s Eiffel Tower and gothic Notre Dame Cathedral, Europe packs a myriad of getaways that can fulfil hearts yearning to explore archaeological sites. Whether you are searching for museums in Athens; a culinary vacation in Florence; skiing in Gstaad; or being surrounded with sand and beaches in Malta, Europe has it all and it’s just waiting to be discovered. If you are on a shopping expedition, you’ll get better bargains at family businesses and restaurants off the main roads as they tend to be cheaper. You’ll find cheese, wine and bread ridiculously cheap, providing good sustenance during your journey and a new culinary experience compared to back home.

Tipping is appreciated for most services but not required, so tip only when you feel that exceptional service has been rendered to you. Public transportation in Europe is amazingly good, so you can plan your mode of transport according to your destination, and take a break from the driving culture of Malaysia by experiencing some breathtaking train journeys. A popular way to travel Europe is through backpacking, but do take note that some of these European countries belong to the Schengen Area, which only allows citizens within the area to move and travel freely without valid documents. Therefore, before going overseas, check if you require a Schengen visa to enter these countries. While you’re online, also verify if there are any Schengen travel insurance requirements you need to be covered by.

Why do you need Travel Insurance to Europe?

Is travel insurance mandatory for Europe? To facilitate an accurate answer, it is important that you check with the embassy of your preferred destination. The cost of travel insurance to Europe and all Schengen countries can also vary. To ensure that your holiday is fuss-free from unexpected events, it is best to get travel insurance that takes care of health and medical aspects for the whole time you’re in Europe. AIG also provides comprehensive cover for any flight delays, baggage that is lost or damaged, or stolen personal belongings due to negligence of service providers. You can be rest assured that we’ll ‘Jaga’ you by reimbursing the costs and by ensuring that you won’t need to worry about these inconveniences.

Buy Travel Insurance for Europe with AIG

From as low as RM45, you’ll find that purchasing AIG travel insurance is fast and easy with just a few clicks, using our online quote to calculate your plan. With AIG travel insurance, you are protected even if you encounter any trip cancellation or interruption based on reasons covered under our policy. You will be reimbursed seamlessly for your convenience.

Our benefits include:

Comprehensive coverage

Besides overseas emergency medical expenses, medical evacuation costs and personal accident coverage, AIG will provide cover if you are forced to cancel or cut short your trip for reasons covered under our policy. Any flight departure delays, baggage delays, baggage damage or loss, personal items damage or loss due to theft or negligence by service providers, AIG will cover for you.

Medical & Personal Accident Cover

Depending on the plan and product purchased, AIG will cover up to unlimited medical expenses and up to RM 500,000 for personal accidents in Europe. Our travel assistance team is on call by phone 24/7 to assist you in any emergency situation, ensuring that you receive appropriate medical care in Europe.

Trip Cancellation Cover

AIG will reimburse you for non-refundable expenses incurred if your trip to Europe is cancelled due to specific events, within 60 days before your departure date.

Natural Disasters

If natural disasters occur in Europe such as earthquakes, floods or volcano eruptions, AIG will pay for expenses caused by these travel inconveniences.

Travel Inconvenience

If you experience travel inconveniences such as delays, loss or damage to your personal belongings, including your checked-in baggage, you will be covered by AIG.

AIG Global Assistance Service

Our 24-hour Emergency Assistance Team delivers fast and efficient aid if you are injured during an accident or if you are ill, requiring hospitalization in Europe.

Helplines during emergency in Europe

If you are insured with AIG when you travel in Europe, keep our 24/7 contact no. 603-27725600 with you at all times to process claims and medical emergencies.


Dial 112 for police, ambulance and fire.





With 44 countries in Europe, click on the link below to find the relevant Malaysian Embassy or Consulate for contact details in Europe:

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