Snatch Theft Claims

4 easy steps to make a claim

Step 1 : Notify AIG Malaysia immediately after the incident    

Call us at 1800 88 8811 (within Malaysia)  / +603 2118 0188 (outside Malaysia)
Complete Claims Notification Form and email it to

Step 2 : Complete the relevant incident form

a. Personal Accident Claim Form - in the event of accidental death
b. Medical Claim Form - in the event of injury duesnatch theft or robbery    

Step 3 : Attached all relevant supporting documents

a. A copy of your identity card, certified true copy of police report and police investigation results.
b. Historical purchase bills/warranty cards, repair/replacement bill, stop service advice/request for loss of mobile telephone & copy of state of mobile phone account (if loss of mobile phone), ATM withdrawal slip & certified true copy of updated bank book/bank state of account (ATM withdrawal protection), original key replacement receipt, copy of card registration card (key replacement cover), proof replacement of personal documents , ATM card, credit cards & loyalty card (if loss of personal document)
c. Original medical receipts for treatment of injury, medical report from attending practitioner, death certificate, burial permit, post mortem report and medical report for Total Permanent Disablement (in the event of accidental death & disablement).        

Note : We may request for additional documents depending on nature of the claim.

Step 4 : Submit all the above to AIG Malaysia within 30 days of incident

Mail to the following address:

AIG Malaysia Insurance Berhad (200701037463)
P O Box 11768
50756 Kuala Lumpur.

Please note that while our intention is to handle your claim as quickly as possible, there may be circumstances in which we deem it necessary to request further documents in addition to those mentioned above. In the event this happens, we thank you for your understanding.

Download a Claim Form