Foreign Workers Scheme

A complete and comprehensive solution for you to provide cover for your foreign workers.


Our expertise and understanding of the requirements of the Malaysian Government towards employing foreign workers in Malaysia helps us provide you with a complete and comprehensive solution for your foreign workers.

Why choose AIG Foreign Workers Insurance Scheme

AIG Foreign Workers Insurance Scheme is designed with the understanding that your employees are your assets and that taking good care of your foreign workers will ensure the smooth running and success of your business operations. Being one of the approved panel insurance companies to provide foreign workers insurance, AIG will take care of the needs of your foreign workmen while protecting your business from disruptions in the event of illnesses or accidents. There are two products available: Foreign Workers Hospitalization & Surgical Scheme (FWHS) and Foreign Workers Insurance Guarantee (FWIG).

Who is it for?

AIG provides your business the coverage for employing registered foreign workers in Malaysia that have been allowed employment and temporary stay on Visit Pass or Pas Lawatan Kerja Sementara (PLKS).

What is covered?

There are two types of foreign workers insurance required by the respective government bodies in order for foreign workers to be legally employed in Malaysia, provided they have been granted the relevant work permit from the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

1. Foreign Workers Hospitalization and Surgical Scheme (FWHS)

Cashless admission of your foreign workers to Government hospitals due to an accident or illness.

2. Foreign Workers Insurance Guarantee (FWIG)

Guarantee to the Immigration Department based on agreed value by nationality of the worker to cover repatriation expenses in the event your worker is required by the authorities to be sent back to their country of origin during their stay in Malaysia. Duration of cover is set by the Immigration Department, depending on the work permit, of up to 12 months, 18 months or 24 months.

Please refer to the brochure below for more details.