Top 4 Family Activities to Spend Time at Home

Did you know a working family only spends about 38 minutes together1 during the weekday? These days, with kids undergoing online classes and parents working from home, life is just as busy and there’s still little opportunity for family time. In addition, the rise in the use of gadgets2 within the family has become a challenge for families to connect with one another, even if they are all indoors together.

Now is the best time to unplug and be dedicated to spending time with family at home! Here are some activities you can do with your loved ones to build stronger familial ties while keeping safe.

1. Grow Your Own Food

Stay green while you spend time with your family! Having a plot of land is not a prerequisite for this activity. Edible greens like herbs and microgreens grows just as well indoors while being easy to manage, making it kid-friendly and perfect for families living in high-rise residentials.

Besides being a great option for quality family time, growing your own food has another benefit for your little ones. If you have a picky eater in your home, you’ll be glad to hear that children are more likely to eat their five daily servings of fruit and veggies3 if they’re served with homegrown produce. Gardening is a great way to be spending time with family as everyone bonds by working together towards a shared goal while learning new skills as a family.

2. Spend Your Weekend Spring Cleaning!

Dedicate a whole day on a weekend to properly clean and tidy your house. Instead of relying on one person (usually a mother or a helper) to do this, making this a weekly family activity will effectively foster important cleaning habits and skills in the little ones.

Regularly cleaning the home with disinfectants keeps everything free of germs and potential infections. Organizing and tidying means that household objects are kept away properly, ensuring a safer environment where accidents won’t happen. So, gather your kids and teach them the valuable lesson of cleanliness each week. A clean home is a happy home after all.

3. Follow a Workout Video Together

Following a workout video is a great way to get yourself and your little ones moving. Sweat a little and have fun with a zumba video from YouTube or put on a beginner-friendly family yoga video for a relaxing session with the kids. Regular exercise helps upkeep one’s health and stamina as well as improves one’s mental health. Through regular exercise together, your children are more likely to establish lifelong healthy habits4 through observation and practice from their parents.

Start easy first so that all family members, regardless of age and ability, could follow the workout routine without difficulties. As this develops into a family activity, each family member could take turns choosing which video to follow so that spending time with family with exercise becomes exciting and fun each time.

4. Swap Video Games for Board Games Instead!

Teach your kids the classic way of having fun! Video games are popular with kids but there are plenty of board games and card games that you can enjoy as a family.  Board games and card games are great to show your kids that they can have fun without their gadgets. Spending time with family through games means that you get to bond, have fun and even learn a thing or two from these games.

Games like Scrabble and Monopoly are classic family favourites to teach kids language and math skills, but local card games like Rimba are perfect for young kids to get familiar with our local animals! If you’re keen to get the whole family on board, Kaki Lima is a board game that lets you and up to seven other players explore the historic city of Georgetown.

The most important thing in the world is family and love. Cherish the time you have with them and do whatever it takes to keep them safe, happy and healthy. Give them the priceless gift of an extra layer of protection with AIG’s Personal Accident Insurance. The perfect supplement for your family’s protection is a personal accident policy that is flexible, comprehensive, and suitable for any family. Visit to find out more.