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Easy Payment Plan 0% Interest | AIG Malaysia

AIG - Citibank Easy Payment Plan FAQ

1. What is EPP?
EPP stands for Easy Pay Plan. The AIG-Citibank EPP is offered by Citibank, to allow Citibank individual cardholders to enjoy 0% installments for selected AIG transactions.

2. What are the available installment tenures?
The AIG-Citibank EPP offers 6 months installments at 0% interest.

3. Who can opt for EPP?
Citibank individual cardholders (Visa or Mastercard) who purchase selected AIG Personal Insurance Policy, with a minimum Gross Premium of RM500, can qualify for 6 months 0% EPP.

4. What AIG products can be purchased via Citibank’s EPP?
AIG Personal Insurance products that qualify for Citibank’s EPP are Motor, Travel, Home, Individual PA & Health and Snatch Theft.

5. How will the policyholder opt for EPP?
A Citibank individual cardholder who buys eligible AIG Personal Insurance products, with a combined minimum Gross Premium of RM500, can opt for EPP via AIG Agents or AIG branches. Payment must be made with an individual Citibank Credit Card.

For example:
Mr A buys a Motor policy for RM600 with his Citibank Credit Card from an AIG Agent and opts for the EPP payment method. His card will be charged for RM600 by AIG but he will only pay RM100 per month for 6 months, with no interest, for this transaction.

Mrs B would like to buy a Travel policy worth RM1,800 with her Citibank Credit Card. She walks into an AIG branch to inform the counter staff of her preferred payment method, EPP. Her card will be swiped at the counter for RM1,800 through the EPP terminal so she only pays RM300 per month for 6 months, with no interest, for this transaction.

6. Is EPP for New or Renewal Business?
EPP can be enjoyed for New or Renewal Personal Insurance policies, if bought via an Agent or physically at a branch.

7. What is the minimum & maximum Gross Premium to qualify for EPP?
There is a minimum total Gross Premium of RM500 and the maximum limit is subject to individual cardholder’s credit limit set by Citibank.

8. Can the Citibank cardholder opt for EPP to pay for Third Party policies?
The Citibank cardholder can only pay for policies belonging to immediate family member(s).

9. Can Commercial policies qualify for EPP?
Citibank EPP is only available for customers who purchase AIG Personal Insurance Products.

10. What are the additional AIG charges or interest for EPP?
There are no additional AIG charges or fees to use EPP as a payment method.

11. If a customer has opted for EPP to pay for or renew an insurance policy, will EPP automatically apply to future renewals?
No, the cardholder must opt for EPP during insurance policy renewal.

12. How many times can a policyholder opt for EPP?
The number of EPPs a policyholder can opt for is subject to the available credit limit of the individual cardholder.

13. Do cardholders get reward points for EPP transaction?
No, EPP transactions do not earn benefits associated with the card features (e.g. points, cashback, miles) unless informed otherwise by Citibank.

14. Can customers who purchase AIG Personal Insurance online opt for EPP?
All EPP transactions can only be done via Agents or at the AIG branches because a signed Direct Debit Authority (DDA) form or a card payment via a branch EPP terminal is required.

15. Can multiple policies be grouped together and charged under EPP?
Yes, multiple policies belonging to the same policyholder or immediate family member(s) can be grouped together and charged under an EPP.

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