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AIG Re-Takaful (L) Berhad brings experience, expertise and capabilities to be a leader in re-takaful insurance. Incorporated on 28 January 2014, AIG Re-Takaful is a fully owned subsidiary of AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Ptd Ltd. AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Ptd Ltd. holds a Best's Credit Rating of A (Excellent), as assigned by A.M. Best Asia-Pacific Limited.

AIG Re-Takaful was established in Labuan International Offshore Financial Center Malaysia and offers a whole suite of solutions for businesses.

What we offer?


We provide strong rated facultative capacity on general reTakaful products to enable the Takaful market assume larger and modernized products and services.


Capitalize on AIG’s long standing underwriting experience and global network.


Fully Shariah compliant, AIG-Retakaful operates on Shariah concepts such as wakala and mudaraba to match individual client needs.


We offer innovative products and solutions to suit individual business needs.

Contact Us

This site is currently being upgraded. For more information on AIG Re-Takaful (L) Berhad, please contact us at:

Kuala Lumpur Office:

Level 18, Menara Worldwide,
198 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 603 2118 0082


Management Office:

Level 11B, Block 4 Office Tower,
Financial Park Labuan, Jalan Merdeka,
87000 WP Labuan, Malaysia

Tel:    6087 417 672
Fax:    6087 452 333