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Benefits :

Fractures, Burns & Dislocations Due to Accident

RM20,000 RM40,000 RM80,000

Daily Hospital Income Due to Accident

RM150 per day RM250 per day RM350 per day

Accidental Death & Permanent Total Disablement

RM75,000 RM150,000 RM300,000

Additional Payout for Accidental Permanent Total Disablement

RM12,500 RM25,000 RM50,000

Monthly Premium :


RM29.70 RM47.70 RM76.30

Self + 1 Adult*

RM47.70 RM76.30 RM121.90

Self + 2 Adults*

RM71.00 RM113.40 RM183.40

Self + 3 Adults*

RM95.40 RM151.60 RM244.85

*Adult means parent(s) or legal guardian of policyholder

Note: Prices are inclusive of 6% Service tax
Exclusions: any pre-existing conditions due to osteoporosis or pathological fracture if the osteoporosis or bone disease was diagnosed prior to the policy effective date, specified illness, mental illness, war, AIDS, childbirth, drug abuse, self-inflicted injuries; armed forces personnel, engaging, practicing or participating in sports in a professional capacity, or when would or could earn regular income or remuneration from engaging in such sport.

Please refer to the policy contract for full list of exclusions.