There is a one-time stamp duty of RM10 but there are no commissions charged for Injury Guard.

Service tax of 6% is applicable.

All premiums quoted to you from 1st September 2018 onwards will be inclusive of 6% Service tax.

Importance of disclosure
You must take reasonable care to ensure that all your answers to the questions are full, complete, correct and honest and to the best of your knowledge.

You also have a duty to inform us of any change in the information given to us earlier before we issue the policy schedule to you, before you renew or change any of the terms of your policy.

Your cover will be renewed until you stop paying your premiums or cancel your policy.

Number of policies
You can only be covered under one Injury Guard policy.

The person being insured must be 18 - 75 years old to qualify for cover. Cover is renewable up to age 85.

You may cancel your policy by giving us 30 days' written notice. We may also cancel your policy by giving you 30 days' written notice. If your policy is cancelled, your cover will continue for as long as your premium has been paid.

AIG Malaysia gives you 24/7 online convenience to update your policy contact information here.

At your convenience, you can now do the following updates online:
1. Mailing Address
2. Email Address
3. Contact Number

It is also important that you inform us of any change in your life profile including your occupation and personal pursuits which would affect the risk profile.

If you have any questions about Injury Guard, just call 1800 88 7144 and we'll be happy to help.

Download the Injury Guard (PDF) product disclosure sheet.

The above is merely a brief summary of the product features. Full details of the product's terms and conditions will be made available to you by our representatives. Kindly leave your contact details to enable us to get in touch with you and for us to answer any further queries you may have.