Online renewal in 4 easy steps

Are you new and ready to renew your Car Insurance with us?

Just follow the simple steps below for hassle free renewal.

Are you an existing Car Insurance policyholder with us?

All you need to do is input your 3 existing policy information and going through the steps below will be even faster.

Steps to renew online

Quick Quote - Details of your car

We'll display your quote instantly. Just start with input of car owner details to get your next NCD (No Claims Discount) and our recommended sum insured for your car model. 

Only 3 information required to start with :
1. Vehicle No
2. New IC number
3. Place of Use (State)

Details of yourself and your named drivers

Input your details as a policyholder and your named drivers.

Tips : A valid email address is important to receive your car insurance policy.

Choose to include Digital Road Tax Renewal(only for vehicles used in West Malaysia)

Note : You must be registered on MyJPJ App to view your digital road tax.

Road Tax is not applicable for Electric vehicles (EVs), which are currently exempted from road tax from January 1, 2022 until December 31, 2025.

Review Quotation and Make Payment Online

We accept Malaysia issued credit/debit card for payment, from any banks.

Tips : After successful payment, you'll get an email notification on your policy schedule and JPJ notification.