Commercial & Industrial Fire


Comprehensive, flexible cover

Our expertise and experience enables us to create property damage solutions to suit the needs of your business, whether for specific sites, a number of sites or equipment, or against “all risks”.

Expert loss control engineering

Our specialist team of loss control engineers helps to identify and reduce potential exposures, reducing the chance of loss and mitigating the impact of unexpected events.

Simplify your insurance programme

Our market-leading capacity of up to US$1.5 billion for well-protected, well-managed risks reduces the need for multiple insurers, helping you to simplify your risk management programme.

Global support and expertise

When disaster strikes, local resources are put under extreme pressure. The ability to call on global resources is one of the key strengths of our international network of claims specialists, and vitally important to get you back up and running as quickly as possible following a catastrophe.

Reducing flow on effects

Damage to your commercial property can threaten the whole business, when the cash flow is also halted. We can help with policies that cover not only the damage loss, but also the income and other expenses for the period.

Who is it for?

Whether a healthcare practice, a manufacturing plant, a retail storefront, or an institution of higher education, certain commercial properties face mounting exposures from events such as fire, flood or even terrorism. These businesses need additional capacity to protect their high-value properties from a variety of natural or man-made threats.

What is covered?

  • Available limits of up to $1.5 billion
  • Property damage and business interruption coverage
  • Natural catastrophe capacity, including earthquake, flood and windstorm
  • Extension to cover clients’ business interruption due to a loss at the premises of customers or suppliers (CBI)